Why Gay Marriage Should Never Be Legalized and America ROCKS!!!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am quite the radical. I use Splenda in place of sugar, put away my socks without matching them, and call people fascists just for fun. But there are some societal issues so outlandish in nature, so ridiculous in sentiment that even I have to put my foot down.

I didn’t say anything when women got the right to vote or when blacks and whites were integrated. I simply turned the other cheek and accepted that evil can’t always be prevented. But now as I stand here today, on the precipice of change for millions of homosexual Americans, I bite my tongue no more.

The passion I share for beard conservation is no match for that I feel for the conservation of marriage as we know it in our hearts and Bibles. So please, before deciding to support the extremist notion that “marriage is about love,” read my four reasons and thorough explanations of why that has no merit in the U.S.A!!!!

Misrepresentation of American Ideals – America is the greatest country on Earth. We love the apple pie that makes us fat, the baseball players who make more than our teachers, and the freedom to elect  lobbyist-abiding politicians. We have our priorities straight. Why cloud it with all this equality business? We already have a mildly black, foreign-born President. What more do these commy, bleedin’ hearts want? Think about it, people. If homos have the same rights as heteros, what’s to stop women from having the same rights as men? We are one gay wedding away from equal pay for equal work, and the deconstruction of the sociological structure of America. Is that what you want? To see our nation collapse? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So let’s forget all this equality nonsense and get sight of what truly matters in America; football, fake boobs, and apathetic citizenship.

allowed to marry

Sanctity of Marriage – Somewhere along the line, these “gays” got in in their bedazzled heads that marriage is something to be taken seriously. With all of the televised weddings and reality TV shows resulting in staged marriages, I’m not sure where they got this idea. But if committed gay couples are allowed to get married, what will that do for the dwindling sanctity of the union itself? After all, marriage isn’t about lifelong commitment, or taking a vow under God. It’s about TV ratings, million dollar paychecks, and image reconstruction after releasing a sex tape. If gay couples who value marriage so much they want to fight for it can actually get married, then how will American culture ever manage to diminish the meaning of the union altogether Do you want to undo all the hard work of Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and those two rabbits I saw getting married once on the local news, in deteriorating the meaning of marriage? I knew you’d come around.

not allowed to marry

Weakening family values – America is a traditionalist nation. Ask the majority of Republican politicians and they will say, from the comfort of their campaign hotel room, that family comes first. Family, as we know it in America, is a man, a woman, two and half children, a divorce settlement, and shared custody, with a few guilt purchases of rescue puppies thrown in the mix. This traditional, nuclear family model, is essential to seaming the fabric of our nation. You can’t just mess with it because a couple of bi-curious sorority girls decided to keep up the charade after the camera was turned off. Really, people. America is better than that.

Procreation – It may go without saying but, like, two dudes can’t procreate. Without procreation, what other purpose does marriage or sex serve for that matter? If you can’t contribute to overpopulation, you don’t deserve to go into debt for a wedding. While we’re at it, I propose we add sterility and fertility testing to heterosexual couples interested in saying “I do.” If they can’t have kids, they can get off the marriage bus and head to China where unwanted kids are plentiful and politically correct to adopt.

So there you have it, readers. All the reasons you will ever need to shun the rights of our homosexual neighbors. And if you ever run into one of those liberal SOB’s that support gay marriage, point them to my blog and remind them that this is America, where we like our businessmen fed, our children hungry, and the rights of our peers ignored.


The girl with a fake Facebook marriage to her dog

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  1. Brilliant. Very good and an hilariously funny way of turning opposition to marriage equality on its head.

  2. This is your first post I’ve read and I already love you.

  3. well it’s been a good run. good luck to you, sir!

  4. I think more gay marriages will end in divorce simply for the fact that it’s got to be nearly impossible for 2 gay men to agree on color schemes and other decorating stuff. At least in heterosexual marriages, the guy usually just let’s the wife pick out all that stuff so he doesn’t have to be taken away from football on Sundays. And as long as his wife gives him sex every now and then, he’s good to go.

    Rob – http://www.themainland.net – Expanding the truth as far as it will go

  5. Girl! You scared me for a minute! I was reading your post freshly pressed blog, in which I saw the title for this one. My fingers were hovering above the ‘un-follow’ button when I stopped. “Surely my Girl (with the blog) must be employing sarcasm!” I thought. And indeed you are, quite effectively! 😉

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