SOPA or Die – Stopping the Stop Online Piracy Act Before We All Turn into Communists

There are a lot of good things to be said about China. It is home of one of the few manmade structures that can be seen from space, and the food, single-handedly responsible for the coining of the internationally endearing term “fat Americans.”   We can’t deny glory where glory is due. But not everything in China is all puppies and aborted female fetuses; there are actually some issues worth getting upset about. Case in point, the Chinese government’s use of internet censorship.

The Chinese government has placed more than 60 internet regulations on citizen internet use, which according to Amnesty Internationalhas resulted in the largest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world. Not even a generous plate of buffet style Chinese donuts could excuse this sort of heinous governmental activity. Not cool, China. Not cool. They are served better hot 😉

Would you like a donut with the unjust infringement of your human rights?

But here we are in 2012, when promoting American exceptionalism incites collective nut busting of pretty much every God-fearing American (GFA), so you would think that those same GFAs would like to maintain what makes America so exceptional. Enter SOPA.

SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act. For those of you who have been living under some sort of sedimentary substance for the past few months, allow me to explain. SOPA basically allows the government to shut down, or censor, any website that has had any one complaint about copyright infringement. Meaning, blogs using images like this without permission:

Or youtube videos featuring songs like this:

…could be considered copyright infringement. Now as much as I would love to live in a world where Justin Bieber doesn’t exist, every decade has its disco so really he’s just fulfilling that need. Besides, there are unfortunate results of every good thing, like Law and Order: Criminal Intent. But to enforce censorship in AMERICA? Land of the Free-dom fries??? No, I don’t think so.

So in support of the ever-growing fight against SOPA, I am going to black out my blog, along with internet giants,,, (go blog host!), and countless others. To show your support visit: STOP SOPA NOW!


The girl who hopes to overcome her lack of internet sav and actually go dark, but if not will find some other way to show support.

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At any given time I can be found moisturizing my elbows and searching for words that rhyme with orange.

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  1. You are at your best when you combine political or social commentary with your own humor. Great post.

  2. America: the Land of the Confused Ideologies.

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