Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

I Hate Twitter and So Should You

I hate Twitter. Whenever I hear someone mention it, it takes physical effort for me to think of something other than voluptuous female rabbits pursuing interracial relations with their male counterparts.

But semantics  aside, I still hate Twitter. It’s clumsy and irritating and encourages people to express every insignificant thought they can muster (not at ALL like this blog).  For this reason, I begrudgingly use Twitter as a blog marketing tool and not much else. I also make a strong effort to follow less people on Twitter than I do in real life as to decrease the amount of inconsequential gobbledygook I expose myself to.

But unfortunately, there’s this  “retweet” business that allows all of the degenerates I follow to share what their loser friends talk about while they sit at home collecting unemployment and playing Halo II in their mother’s basements.

I’m sorry, that was offensive…

D&D, bitches!

Eh hem…point is, my tolerable relationship with Twitter is rapidly growing more intolerable than North Carolina and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. About a month or so ago, #RTComedyBot retweeted one of my blog entries, so naturally I decided to follow him/them/it/genderless rat.

Horrible mistake. Absolutely dreadful.

Now I realize with a name like RTComedyBot, I should have anticipated the nightmare of retweets that were to come. But since I am Twittilliterate  I didn’t put it together.  Here are just a few examples of some of the people out there who think they are funny enough to hash tag lmao.

Ok, well to be fair that last one might actually be funny.

But aside from that slight possibility, this is the quality of the tweets in my tweetfeed. This may sound radical, but I think it’s about time we revoke women’s right to tweet


The girl who wants you to follow her anywhere but on Twitter (though you can do that too)