Daily Archives: May 20, 2012

Sunday Night Roundup #3

I’m half Japanese. Or rather, I eat a lot of sushi. Plus I write haikus like a beast and am a bad driver.

Oh wait, that’s Chinese.

Is this politically incorrect?

“Weekly Search Term” Haiku

Cute baby rabbits

Scott Peterson psychopath

Body in Kitchen

Here is Our Top 10

  1. Puppies helping babies
  2. Unwanted impregnation literotica
  3. Motivational facial
  4. Person with two belly buttons
  5. Something bad to do to someone
  6. Cute fat Chinese babies
  7. Why do I hate twitter
  8. A really fat baby bear
  9. Pictures of inbred brothers with big ears
  10. Hawt fat chick

I really hope everyone else enjoys these as much as I do.


The girl composing unwanted impregnation literotica with a really fat baby bear, about two inbred brothers with big ears and a hawt fat chick bearing cute fat chinese babies with two belly buttons. It’s almost as good as the one about puppies helping babies who hate Twitter, to get motivational facials.What a bad thing to do to someone.