Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Steal My Heart, Pacey Witter

I’ts 11:48pm and I have no blog entry for the day.

I’m ashamed. I am embarrassed. I am not wearing any pants.

That’s not really relevant.

I’ve thought long and hard for a good 2 minutes about how to handle this and have decided not to sacrifice my May Blogging Challenge, but simply explain myself in the only way I know how. Dawson’s Creek:


Exactly where I paused it to write a blog about my inability to pause it


I’m in love with Dawson and his creek, although I could use a little less Dawson and a little more creek if I’m being honest. My true love is Pacey.

Sigh, Pacey Witter.

Pacey Witter/Joshua Jackson/Charlie from Mighty Ducks was the first teen idol poster I Skotch-taped to the back of my bedroom door. Distinct memories of my 6th grade self talking to him and kissing him goodnight might embarrass most people. But in my case I’m simply using them as explanation for my lack of literary prowess today.

All the ladies (and some boys) will understand.

Goodnight and I’ll try harder tomorrow.


The girl who “doesn’t talk trash, just recycles it.” – Pacey Witter