Pretending to Be a Drug Addicted Alcoholic Because I Live Alone and Have Nothing Better to Do

 When I was a little girl, I used to dream of growing up and becoming a drug addict. I’m not sure where this ambition came from. My family consists of strict non-addicts and all I watched as a child was Nick at Nite, Wishbone, and neighborhood children running from my house in terror. I was somewhat violent. No big deal.

“I steal money from the poor and give it to my bitches.”

But my desire for drug addiction was not as self-destructive as it may sound. I only sought it for the cinematic aspects – the shaking, the sweating, the twitching, the crying, the screaming, the gay bathroom sex…ok, so The Basketball Diaries

Even as a 17 year old heroin addict Leo is still hotter than the prettiest people I know

is my only frame of reference for drug addiction. Whatever. My point is, my desire for the dramatics of a life-ruining sickness led to many preteen hours spent over a sink, splashing water onto my face, slapping my cheeks and staring intensely at my own reflection before screaming and throwing a handful of loose Smarties at the mirror, only to panic and immediately grasp them all, shoving them into my mouth and swigging down a glass of water before collapsing onto the floor in tears of self-hatred. Yes, I have parents. Yes, they are great.


The disturbing part is that I never really grew out of this. Recently I’ve been drinking alone, not because I’m unhappy (although…I mean…yeahhhh) but because I like to cradle a wine glass in my hand as I tremble, ever-so-slightly, twirling long strands of pearls around my fingers, weeping silent tears, streaking puffy cheeks with mascara, as I sip from my glass and wonder where I went wrong in my career now that I am an aging alcoholic starlet. I vary the storyline from time to time, becoming energetic, flirtatious, and underwear clad as I traipse around my apartment with fake eye lashes, splashing wine all over myself, pretending to be Edie Sedgwick. I have yet to graduate to amphetamines. It’s only a matter of time.


But these are not lies. I actually do these things. I also have most conversations with my sister pretending to be a black pimp, conversations with my brother pretending to be a soul-less slightly retarded sorority girl, and conversations with myself pretending to be perfectly sane. Clearly I am none of these things.


I have found that my behavior is increasingly erratic when I live alone. When I live alone I am nothing short of a complete and utter mess, literally and psychologically. Last night I skipped back and forth down my hallway several times around 2:00 am. I’d love to know why. I really would.


I’d also like to know why I find this:


Google search: “hot homeless guy”


So much more attractive than this:


Google search: “Male Strippers are Gay”

Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


The girl who still doesn’t understand how magnets work, despite her many attempts to find out

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  1. another excellent entry! No answers at the moment, however.

  2. jasonbrianmerrill

    another excellent entry, glad to see you’re back at it 🙂

  3. hey good job. why aren’t my comments posting?

  4. jasonbrianmerrill

    oh wait, they did. lolz.

  5. another excellent entry, glad to see you’re back at it 🙂

  6. So that was a thing, right? Hmmm. Can I just say that I would love to live with you so that I could witness these things. Although, if I lived with you, you wouldn’t be living alone, in which case these things probably wouldn’t happen. Hmmmm. Catch-22.

    I have all the answers as to why you do these things, but I refuse to tell you. I’d rather you just kept doing it so that you will write about it and keep me entertained.

    I must say, Channing Tatum kinda looks retarded in the face. However, Matthew Bomer is HOT. I guess he actually is a gay stripper, so maybe that’s why you don’t like him.

    Meanwhile, I have been slaving over the same post for the last 10 days and I am still yet to finish it. I cannot believe you posted before me!!!

    • Can I just say that I still want to live with you?! If you let me move in with you (for free of course) I promise to be highly entertaining and only slightly inappropriate with you and your man. Just throwing that out there…

      Even if you had all the answers, which clearly you do, I must admit they would make zero impact on me. I will always be the freak, to side show proportions, you see (metaphorically) today.

      I don’t know who Matthew Bomer is. I know who Channing Tatum is because all the girls on Facebook keep talking about him and I don’t get it. Ever. But yeah, as a gay man, don’t you think male strippers all come off kind of gay? Or maybe that’s an offensive question. Hmm…

      And I’m so glad I inspired a post 🙂

  7. I am glad to hear that you have good parents – what a relief! 😉

  8. It worries me that you are ‘skipping’ down that hallway, however!

  9. We all have our own idiosyncrasies. Yours have surely entertained us today.

  10. The fact that i can literally picture you doing all these things kept me laughing uncontrollably the whole way through. Such a good descrption of your personality LOL… i hope people who don’t actually know you really believe you’re being truthful. Cause you are. Wow.

    sheet, babi gurl, why yo’ ass gotta be so dray-MA-tic all the time? SHEET

  11. I also enjoy how smekart is more concerned by your skipping down the hallway than by your obsession with being addicted to drugs…. lol

  12. littlewavesblog

    It’s okay, I usually find myself crying to the disney movies whilst with a glass of wine – maybe its just us females?

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