“Black/Blue Are the New Pink!” – The Vogue Cover Controversy

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Yahoo! journalism (fan being the keyword, despite my deliberately confusing use of italics). See, I’m not a fan in the traditional sense in that my feelings about Yahoo! Journalism are comparable to those I have for kitten road kill;  it sickens me, but forces me to question my own humanity when I can’t take my eyes off of it.  And while I’d rather obtain my global headlines from more legitimate sources like The New York Times or TMZ, when the only cost associated with reading Yahoo! is my brain’s slow but steady decay caused by  constant exposure to Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures and headline videos of misbehaving cats, I feel it’s a pretty good trade off.


Today while at work wasting my potential as always, I decided to scour Yahoo! for contemporary pop culture references I could use to make myself seem wittier than I am, when I saw

Sup, Kate Moss?

an article titled ““Model Pose Sparks Outcry”.” Now for me, anything involving models is undeniably fascinating since they are sort of like an Earth bound alien species, with their over-sized heads and skeletal body types, so needless to say I couldn’t resist this scintillating (not really) headline.

But as with every Yahoo article that assumes illiteracy among the masses, after clicking a link to actually read it, I was automatically redirected to a ridiculous video involving worthless human beings talking with authority about topics on which they are not actual authorities, while trying to be funny and younger than they are.  I can’t tolerate those sorts of things, even when I do them, so I am admittedly reacting solely to the text.

Basically Vogue published a sensual/sexual/does anyone know the difference between those words anymore (?) cover, featuring model Stephanie Seymour being “choked” by some irrelevant male model no one cares about.  Apparently this caused “feminist outcry” by four not-valid-enough-to-name women’s advocacy organizations who are claiming the cover promotes domestic violence. They are now pushing Vogue to pull the magazine.


So, I have considered myself a feminist since I was six years old and first declared to my mother that “I don’t need a man” and will never marry because it was stupid. Though I’m sure she took it more as an early sign of lesbianism than political advocacy, I can assure you that it was probably meant as the latter. But throughout my entire life I have had to defend that label (feminist, not lesbian) to men and women who called feminists crazy, man-hating boner-shrinkers.  I don’t like it, but it comes with the territory.

However, I have to admit it gets increasingly difficult to defend feminists when they continue to pull legitimacy from the actual problems women face in the world, by making headlines over utter silliness.   I can see being upset if the cover looked like this:

I kill at photo shop

But it doesnt. This is a ridiculous thing to be upset about. The actual cover is hardly promoting violence,  what with the vacant sex faces and sup-par grope fest.  And honestly, who cares about the self-proclaimed edginess Vogue attempts to exude? The female demographic Vogue largely caters to is assustomed to having their self esteem beaten down month after month; this may be an emotional relief. But mostly, I can’t handle the fact that something as inconsequential as this can garner more attention than many of the legitimate problems women face in the world. Therefore I give you the following list:

Things More Offensive to Women Than This Ad

1. The lack of maternity leave in the United states.

2. The fact that women’s reproductive rights are still used as a wedge issues in politics.

3. The fact that there are still countries around the world that allow child brides, public stoning, and female circumcision.

4. The fact that according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, around the world 1 in 3 women have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused.

5. The report by the Journal of American Medical Association saying 1 out of 5 high school girls is in a physically or sexually abusive relationship.


These are just some of the many issues that men and women should be concerned about, as well as countless others involving other demographics. Why advocacy organizations continue to waste their energy on petty campaigns that diminsh their reputation and the reputation of all feminists is beyond me.

Perhaps it’s a Romney/Ryan conspiracy. What do you think?


The girl who can’t just ask people why they are white

not at all related to this post

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  1. People get their knickers in a twist over the silliest things.

    Lol at Mean Girls. I’m actually hearing her saying those words in my head right now.

    • I rewatched most of Mean Girls the other day. Have you seen it recently?

      Maybe it’s because I worked with a gay man for almost a year and the majority of our conversations were spoken in Mean Girls and The Devil Wears Prada quotes, but it wasn’t as funny as I remember it being…I’m not sure what to do about that.

  2. Excellent perspective. I think the cover looks kind of hot and I secretly want my husband to do this to me later…minus that awkward look on his face and the licking of his own finger.

    • I’m not sure what to think about this man licking his own finger. All I know, is if I saw that happening, the last thing I would think about is seeking Women’s Protective Services. Unless it was from his finger…

  3. It’s a post fifty shades world….. every woman seems to be experimenting with sexual submission, and this reflects that new nearly publicly acceptable interest… Well said about young girls being in abusive relationships so early in their sexual lives. It’s a shame, but it is also an excellent look at parenting. People accept the the love they think they deserve, and so many young people don’t know the right way to show love and accept love.

    I’m only a foolish man, so what do I know? Only that I love a good feminist.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Nyles. And while we are on the subject of your name (we weren’t), I’d like to know if you are British. Since 90s sitcoms would indicate the only way you can be named Nyles is if you are British.

      I want to be a good feminist but I watched 44 minutes of Clueless the other day, so what hope do I really have?

  4. I think Vogue is just reacting to the “50 shades” phenomenon. Women of EVERY age have suddenly declared they like the idea of being “roughed up”, so even if this is even remotely portraying that (which i don’t think it is, since she is clearly not choking), they shouldn’t be mad about it.

    That and, yeah… get over yourself. Everyone gets offended by everything and its ridiculous.

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