Better Blogs

Sooooo…yeah. Lots of blogs out there. Not many worth reading. Here are some you should:

If you love Bob Dylan, music, or a variety of badassness: 

If you love Australians, Britain, and sexy accents:

If you love quirky girls who love cats:

If you love dark poetic types:

If you love general hilarity and urinating in your pants:

If you love thoughtful well-written opinions:

If you love the idea of being linked in the “Better Blogs” section let me know someway, somehow, and I’ll laugh in your face. Or just link you here. Whatever.


The girl with zero blogging clout whose linking of your blog will likely not result in any additional traffic. Oh well.

  1. When is your next blog post coming? It’s been over a month!

  2. The dark poetic type, eh? I’ll take it.

  3. dude, I can’t imagine another description that would work better. I can work on one though 😉

  4. Thoughtful, well-written opinions works for me. Better than crazy-lady-rants!

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