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The Girl Who Shouldn’t Have a Blog

This “every day for the month of May” b***shit has got to stop.

I can’t keep blogging.

I have nothing left to say. At least not to you people. You silly people reading my blog. What is wrong with you? What sort of dark hole is in the core of your existence that keeps you coming back to this train wreck of a url? I imagine something related to your childhoods and the Hot Wheels you never got to play with and the Uncles you always had to. Maybe I am being presumptuous.

I am definitely being presumptuous.


Here are a few things I Googled today:

Traditional school uniforms of Greenland!!!

Do spiders have lungs?

Gene Hackman: Dead or Alive?

What is the population of Greenland?

Who lives in Greenland?

What language do Greendlanders speak?

Why  can’t I stop thinking about Greenland?

Asian babies.


Then I watched this video:


Now, I’m going to go to sleep and dream about situations in which I can smile and say the words “ultimate social destruction” without referencing a CW drama.


The girl who shouldn’t have a blog