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My May Blogging “Challenge”

I need some goals in life. Goals more impressive than leaving my contacts in past 11:00 pm.

So I’ve decided that for the month of May I am going to write a blog post…


Ok, it’s not as dramatic as the caps lock and high frequency of periods would indicate. But it is a goal. A real one. Not like that time I said I’d stop eating like a pig and hating myself. I actually have a game plan:

I am going to blog every day. On the days I don’t want to blog, I am going to either

A. Post pictures of myself in various states of dress on my Linkedin profile, thus destroying future career prospects to serve as a reminder of my failure to achieve my goal.


B. Stop crying like a bitch and write one anyway

Because in reality, this would not be an impressive goal to achieve. Lots of people blog everyday! Not me. I am too busy doing more important things like microwaving slices of American cheese and crying for no reason.

This is going to be like, so totally validating for my existence. Yay.


The girl who even when alone is embarrassed every time “Bare Naked” by Jennifer Love Hewitt comes on her iPod.